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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Echo: is this an echo word or a reduplicative?

Values: Ech Rdp

This covers a range of compound reduplicated forms or echo words in Armenian. The reduplicative and echo words get the same POS tag as the head word or will be tagged according to their basic use.

See also the related feature Hyph.

Rdp: reduplicative

The word is a copy of a previous word. Тhis would add the meaning of distribution, separation, variety, diversity or just emphasis.


In some cases one of the words in reduplicated forms may also be modified individually by other words.

Ech: echo

The word fully or partly rhymes with a previous or following word but it is not identical to it and typically it does not have any meaning of its own. The echoed part is a form that does not occur elsewhere than in compounds. In Armenian it generalizes or specifies the meaning of the previous or following word and is translated as “or something”, “etc.”, “like that” etc.


Echo in other languages: [hy] [u]