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This page pertains to UD version 2.

mark:prt: particle

`mark:prt’ is used, following Irish, for particles, but not the vocative case marker a.


Adverbial particle

Ò tha bòidhchead anns an t-saoghal ceart **gu** leòr \n Oh is beauty in the world right PART enough
mark:prt(leòr, gu)
advmod(tha, leòr)

Quantifier particle

anns a’ bhliadhna ochd ceud deug ceithir fichead agus a dhà \n in the year eight hundred -teen four twenties and PART two
mark:prt(dhà, a)

Relative clause particle

na croitean bochda a bha aca \n the crofts poor PART were at\_them
mark:prt(bha, a)

Verbal particles and complementisers

gun d' rinneadh sgrùdadh sam bith \n that PART would\_be\_done examination in\_the being
mark:prt(rinneadh, gun)
mark:prt(rinneadh, d')

Comparative and superlative particles

le sùil tòrr **nas** fuaire \n with eye lot -er cold
mark:prt(fuaire, nas)

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