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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Poss: possessive

Possessive is a feature of prepositions and determiners in Irish. Possessive prepositions can inflect to show person and number. Possessive determiners cause morphological changes in the noun they are dependent on.

Yes: possessive

The following table describes the determiners and the morphological changes they cause.

DeterminerBefore consonantBefore vowelEx: cóta "coat"Ex: athair "father"
1st singmolenitionno changemo chótam' athair
2nd singdolenitionno changedo chótad' athair
3rd sing mascalenitionno changea chótaa athair
3rd sing femano changeh-prefixa cótaa hathair
1st pláreclipsiseclipsisár gcótaár n-athair
2nd plbhureclipsiseclipsisbhur gcótabhur n-athair
3rd plaeclipsiseclipsisa gcótaa n-athair

Certain prepositions (e.g. faoi “under”, i “in”, le “with”) in Irish can absorb the possessive determiners to become possessive prepositions. For instance, le + ár becomes lenár. The noun attached to the prepostion will inflect accordingly.


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