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This page pertains to UD version 2.

VerbType: verb type

Values: Aux Cop Light

We already split auxiliary and non-auxiliary verbs at the level of UPOS tags. The VerbType feature may be used to capture finer distinctions that some tagsets make.

Aux: auxiliary verb

Verb used to create periphrastic verb forms (tenses, passives etc.)


Cop: copula verb

Verb used to make nominal predicates. We have treated copulas as auxiliaries, this feature is used to distinguish them from other auxiliaries.


Light: light (support) verb

Light or support verb is used in verbo-nominal constructions where the main part of the meaning is contributed by a noun complement but it is not just a nominal predicate with a copula.


VerbType in other languages: [af] [apu] [bej] [ka] [pcm] [u]