9:00–10:15 Opening & Invited Talk

9:00—9:15 Opening Remarks

9:15—10:15 Invited Talk: Universal Semantic Parsing
Mirella Lapata

10:15—10:45 Coffee Break

10:45—12:00 Resources and Applications

10:45—10:57 Studying Consistency in UD treebanks with INESS-Search (in TLT14)
Koenraad De Smedt, Victoria Rosén and Paul Meurer

10:57—11:09 Udapi: Universal API for Universal Dependencies Martin Popel, Zdenek Zabokrtsky and Martin Vojtek

11:09—11:21 Universal Dependencies to Logical Forms with Negation Scope (in SemBEaR 2017)
Federico Fancellu, Siva Reddy, Adam Lopez and Bonnie Webber

11:21—11:33 Does Syntactic Informativity Predict Word Length? A Cross-linguistic Study Based on the Universal Dependencies Corpora
Natalia Levshina

11:33—11:45 Automatic Morpheme Segmentation and Labeling in Universal Dependencies resources
Miikka Silfverberg and Mans Hulden

11:45—11:57 Towards Universal Morpho-Syntactic Processing: Closing the Morphology Gap
Amir More and Reut Tsarfaty

12:00—13:30 Lunch & Treebanks (Posters)

Increasing Return on Annotation Investment: the Automatic Construction of a Universal Dependency Treebank for Dutch
Gosse Bouma and Gertjan Van Noord

Converting the TüBa-D/Z Treebank of German to Universal Dependencies
Çağrı Çöltekin, Ben Campbell, Erhard Hinrichs and Heike Telljohann

Universal Dependencies for Afrikaans
Peter Dirix, Liesbeth Augustinus, Daniel van Niekerk and Frank Van Eynde

Towards Universal Dependencies for Learner Chinese
John Lee, Herman Leung and Keying Li

Universal Dependencies for Greek
Prokopis Prokopidis and Haris Papageorgiou

Universal Dependencies for Serbian in Comparison with Croatian and Other Slavic Languages (in BSNLP 2017)
Tanja Samardzic, Mirjana Starovic, Zeljko Agic and Nikola Ljubesic

Toward Universal Dependencies for Ainu
Hajime Senuma and Akiko Aizawa

Universal Dependencies for Arabic (in WANLP 2017)
Dima Taji, Nizar Habash and Daniel Zeman

13:30—15:30 Invited Talk & Constructions and Annotation

13:30—14:30 Invited Talk: Using Typology to Develop Guidelines for Universal Dependencies
William Croft

14:30—14:36 Gapping Constructions in Universal Dependencies v2
Sebastian Schuster, Matthew Lamm and Christopher D. Manning

14:36—14:42 Elliptic Constructions: Spotting Patterns in UD Treebanks
Kira Droganova and Daniel Zeman

14:42—14:48 Swedish prepositions are not pure function words
Lars Ahrenberg

14:48—14:54 Estonian Copular and Existential Constructions as an UD Annotation Problem
Kadri Muischnek and Kaili Müürisep

14:54—15:30 Panel and Discussion (Lars Ahrenberg, Kira Droganova, Kadri Muischnek and Sebastian Schuster)

15:30—16:00 Coffee Break

16:00—17:30 Syntax and Parsing & Closing

16:00—16:12 Cross-lingual Parser Selection for Low-resource Languages
Zeljko Agic

16:12—16:24 Universal Dependency Evaluation
Joakim Nivre and Chiao-Ting Fang

16:24—16:36 Empirically Sampling Universal Dependencies
Natalie Schluter and Zeljko Agic

16:36—16:48 Dependency Tree Transformation with Tree Transducers
Felix Hennig and Arne Köhn

16:48—17:00 From Universal Dependencies to Abstract Syntax
Aarne Ranta and Prasanth Kolachina

17:00—17:12 A Systematic Comparison of Syntactic Representations of Dependency Parsing
Guillaume Wisniewski and Ophélie Lacroix

17:15—17:30 Concluding Remarks