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cc: coordinating conjunction

For more on coordination, see the conj relation. A cc is the relation between the first conjunct and the coordinating conjunction delimiting another conjunct. (Note: different dependency grammars have different treatments of coordination. We take the first conjunct as the head of the coordination.)

Bill is big and honest
cc(big, and)

A coordinating conjunction may also appear at the beginning of a sentence. This is also called a cc, and it depends on the root predicate of the sentence. (In fact there is a coordination that spans multiple sentences. We cannot attach a word to the first conjunct because it is in another sentence. Thus we attach it to the first conjunct available in the current sentence: its main predicate.)

And then we left .
cc(left, And)
We have apples , pears , oranges , and bananas . dobj(have, apples) conj(apples, pears) conj(apples, oranges) conj(apples, bananas) cc(apples, and) punct(apples, ,-4) punct(apples, ,-6) punct(apples, ,-8)

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