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This page pertains to UD version 2.

UD for Dutch

Tokenization and Word Segmentation

Instruction: Describe the general rules for delimiting words (for example, based on whitespace and punctuation) and exceptions to these rules. Specify whether words with spaces and/or multiword tokens occur. Include links to further language-specific documentation if available.



Detailed documentation of the decisions w.r.t. POS-tags in the original data can be found in the D-COI POS-tagging and lemmatization manual

Instruction: Specify any unused tags. Explain what words are tagged as PART. Describe how the AUX-VERB and DET-PRON distinctions are drawn, and specify whether there are (de)verbal forms tagged as ADJ, ADV or NOUN. Include links to language-specific tag definitions if any.



Instruction: Describe inherent and inflectional features for major word classes (at least NOUN and VERB). Describe other noteworthy features. Include links to language-specific feature definitions if any.



Instruction: Give criteria for identifying core arguments (subjects and objects), and describe the range of copula constructions in nonverbal clauses. List all subtype relations used. Include links to language-specific relations definitions if any.


There are 2 Dutch UD treebanks:

Instruction: Treebank-specific pages are generated automatically from the README file in the treebank repository and from the data in the latest release. Link to the respective *-index.html page in the treebanks folder, using the language code and the treebank code in the file name.