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This page pertains to UD version 2.

UD for Ancient Hebrew

Tokenization and Word Segmentation

No tokens in the Ancient Hebrew treebank should contain whitespace. The following are treated as clitics and made into separate tokens:



All tags are used except X and SYM. AUX is used for the copula היה.

The positive and negative existentials ישׁ and אין are tagged VERB.

Participles are tagged either VERB or NOUN. If they have arguments or obliques, they are tagged as VERB, but if they do not then they are tagged as NOUN if they participate in nominal phrases.

Verbs in the infinitive absolute which are used for emphasis are currently tagged as ADV and attached to the inflected verb with advmod.


The following universal features are in use:

The following language-specific features are in use:

The following MISC features are present:


The subtypes compound:smixut and nmod:poss are used. The relation compound is currently unused.

The relations iobj, expl, and clf are unused.

The relations fixed, list, orphan, goeswith, reparandum, and dep are currently unused, but may be used in future.


There is 1 Ancient Hebrew UD treebank: