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This page pertains to UD version 2.


For core part-of-speech categories, see the universal POS tags. The features listed here distinguish additional lexical and grammatical properties of words, not covered by the POS tags.

Lexical features Inflectional features
Nominal* Verbal*
PronType Gender VerbForm
NumType Animacy Mood
+NumForm Number Tense
+NumValue Case Aspect
Poss +PrepCase Voice
Reflex +Variant Evident
+NameType Definite Polarity
+AdpType Degree Person
+ConjType +Gender[psor] Polite
Abbr +Number[psor]

* The labels Nominal and Verbal are used as approximate categories only. There is no universal rule that a particular feature can only occur with verbs or nominals (although language-specific rules may define such constraints). Even the boundary between lexical and inflectional features is sometimes blurred: for example, gender is a lexical feature of nouns but an inflectional feature of adjectives or verbs.