January 28
Announcement of the shared task and set up of the shared task website. Registration for the Shared Task open.
February 15
Deadline for suggesting additional data by participants (registration required).
March 1
Trial data for a few languages will be available.
April 15
Training and development data will be released.
May 2
Baseline parsing models will be released.
May 2
Test data available in TIRA. Test phase starts.
July 1
Test phase ends.
July 3
Results will be announced.
July 10
Submission of system description papers.
July 22
Reviews due.
September 5
Final papers due.
Early registration for the conference. (They plan to open registration in early August.)
October 31
Shared task slot at CoNLL, Brussels, Belgium (collocated with EMNLP).
November 1
Universal Dependencies Workshop, Brussels, Belgium (also collocated with EMNLP).