CoNLL 2017 Shared Task


December 11
Announcement of the shared task and set up of the shared task website. Registration for the Shared Task open.
January 10
Deadline for suggesting additional data by participants (registration required).
February 20
Trial data for a few languages will be available.
February 28
Task registration deadline. Participants have to register to setup their evaluation space and other data, and to get access to task data later.
March 1
Training and development data will be released.
May 1
Surprise languages will be announced and small sample data released.
May 8 – 12
Test phase.
May 15
Results will be announced.
May 26
Submission of system description papers.
June 2
Reviews due.
June 9
Final papers due.
August 3 – 4
CoNLL, Vancouver, Canada.