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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Specification of v1-to-v2 conversion and validation

Phenomenon Conversion Validation
Word segmentation Make list of word forms and lemmas containing spaces
  Make list of lemmas of auxiliaries (AUX)
  Make list of lemmas of approved particles (PART)
Features Rename a number of features/values Revise inventory according to v2
  Even some v1 language-specific features are now disallowed because the new universal features should be used
Core arguments dobj → obj dobj → obj
  nsubjpass → nsubj:pass nsubjpass → nsubj:pass
  csubjpass → csubj:pass csubjpass → csubj:pass
Nominal modifiers nmod with non-nominal head → obl
  flag other nmod for manual inspection
Copula Make list of lemmas with cop relation ]
Functional relations auxpass → aux:pass auxpass → aux:pass

Validation: The set of lists is growing and we should not require that all lists are present for all languages even if empty (as was the practice so far). Furthermore, we should set up a validation procedure for these lists. Sometimes people bypass validation by adding something to the list of allowed labels which should never appear there.

Validation: Selected tests that have been part of the content validation should become part of the format validation. They would be optional when the validator is invoked from the command line, but the on-line overview would turn them on by default. Thus treebanks that contain (for example) right-to-left fixed relations would simply be invalid and highlighted in red.