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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Universal Dependencies v2

The following thematically organized reports describe the changes adopted when going from v1 to v2 of the UD guidelines and provide background and motivation for the changes made (as well as motivation for not making other changes that were considered). The final version has been worked out by the core group responsible for the universal guidelines based on input from the whole UD community. For a quick overview of the changes, see the executive summary below.

  1. Core dependents
  2. Ellipsis
  3. Copula and non-verbal predicates
  4. Other functional relations
  5. Word segmentation
  6. Coordination
  7. Multiword expressions
  8. Enhanced dependencies
  9. Part-of-speech tags
  10. Features
  11. Semantic categories
  12. CoNLL-U format

The reports are meant to be self-contained, but for those who want to dig deeper there is more information about the discussions leading up to the proposal: