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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Voice: voice

There is no passive form in Irish. However, the Irish autonomous voice is similar to the passive construction, in that the agent of the verb is not (necessarily) specified. In this construction, the object remains in accusative case, as opposed to the nominative case used in the passive voice in English. The subject in this construction remains anonymous, as a dummy subject.

Auto : autonomous voice

The autonomous voice is formed with a different verb ending: -t(e)ar in the present tense, -(e)adh in the past tense, -f(e)ar, in the future tense, and -f(a)í in the conditional.


Cuir "To put" cuirtear cuireadh chuirfear chuirfí
Cas "To turn" castar casadh casfar chasfaí
Déan "To make/do" déantar rinneadh déanfar dhéanfaí

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