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Tagset en::penn

Disclaimer: This conversion table was generated automatically via Interset. It uses only tags (+ features) as input, therefore it is only an approximation. Some tags can only be mapped if we also know the lemma or the syntactic context; such information has not been available here. The table requires manual postprocessing in order to provide accurate and complete information.

Tagset en::penn, total 48 tags.

$=>SYM_$, C$, US$, A$, HK$
''=>PUNCTPunctSide=Fin|PunctType=Quot'', '
,=>PUNCTPunctType=Comm,, 2, an
.=>PUNCTPunctType=Peri., ?, !
:=>PUNCT_--, :, ;, ..., -
CC=>CONJ_and, or, but, &, nor
CD=>NUMNumType=Cardmillion, billion, one, two, three
DT=>DET_the, a, an, this, some
FW=>XForeign=Foreignde, perestroika, glasnost, vs., naczelnik
IN=>ADP_of, in, for, on, that
JJ=>ADJDegree=Posnew, other, last, such, first
JJR=>ADJDegree=Cmpmore, higher, lower, less, better
JJS=>ADJDegree=Supmost, least, largest, latest, best
LS=>PUNCTNumType=Ord3, 2, 1, 4, First
MD=>VERBVerbType=Modwill, would, could, can, may
NIL=>X_), }
NN=>NOUNNumber=Sing%, company, year, market, share
NNP=>PROPNNumber=SingMr., U.S., Corp., New, Inc.
NNPS=>PROPNNumber=PlurSecurities, Democrats, Americans, Brothers, Airlines
NNS=>NOUNNumber=Pluryears, shares, sales, companies, prices
PDT=>DETAdjType=Pdtall, such, half, both, nary
POS=>PARTPoss=Yes's, '
PRP=>PRONPronType=Prsit, he, they, I, we
PRP$=>DETPoss=Yes|PronType=Prsits, his, their, our, her
RB=>ADVDegree=Posn't, not, also, only, as
RBR=>ADVDegree=Cmpmore, earlier, less, higher, further
RBS=>ADVDegree=Supmost, best, least, hardest, Worst
RP=>PART_up, out, off, down, in
SYM=>SYM_a, c, \*, \*\*, b
TO=>PARTPartType=Inf|VerbForm=Infto, na
UH=>INTJ_yes, well, no, OK, oh
VB=>VERBVerbForm=Infbe, have, make, buy, get
VBD=>VERBTense=Past|VerbForm=Finsaid, was, were, had, did
VBG=>VERBAspect=Prog|Tense=Pres|VerbForm=Partincluding, being, according, going, making
VBN=>VERBAspect=Perf|Tense=Past|VerbForm=Partbeen, expected, made, based, sold
VBP=>VERBTense=Pres|VerbForm=Finare, have, do, say, 're
VBZ=>VERBNumber=Sing|Person=3|Tense=Pres|VerbForm=Finis, has, says, 's, does
WDT=>DETPronType=Int,Relwhich, that, what, whatever, .what
WP=>PRONPronType=Int,Relwho, what, whom, whoever
WRB=>ADVPronType=Int,Relwhen, how, where, why, whenever
``=>PUNCTPunctSide=Ini|PunctType=Quot``, `, non-``