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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Treebank Statistics: UD_Finnish-FTB: POS Tags: AUX

There are 20 AUX lemmas (0%), 184 AUX types (0%) and 3787 AUX tokens (2%). Out of 17 observed tags, the rank of AUX is: 14 in number of lemmas, 12 in number of types and 12 in number of tokens.

The 10 most frequent AUX lemmas: olla, tulla, tehdä, ei, kasvaa, saada, kehittyä, kehkeytyä, odottaa, täyttää

The 10 most frequent AUX types: on, oli, ovat, ole, olla, ollut, olisi, olivat, olen, tuli

The 10 most frequent ambiguous lemmas: olla (VERB 5791, AUX 3561), tulla (VERB 940, AUX 146), tehdä (VERB 574, AUX 30), ei (VERB 3116, AUX 22), kasvaa (VERB 68, AUX 5), saada (VERB 730, AUX 4), kehittyä (VERB 11, AUX 3), odottaa (VERB 109, AUX 2), täyttää (VERB 29, AUX 2), alkaa (VERB 147, AUX 1)

The 10 most frequent ambiguous types: on (VERB 2131, AUX 1538), oli (VERB 824, AUX 462), ovat (AUX 307, VERB 266), ole (VERB 409, AUX 196), olla (VERB 253, AUX 136), ollut (VERB 215, AUX 103), olisi (VERB 233, AUX 76), olivat (VERB 80, AUX 79), olen (VERB 97, AUX 48), tuli (VERB 161, AUX 44, NOUN 2)


The form / lemma ratio of AUX is 9.200000 (the average of all parts of speech is 2.048675).

The 1st highest number of forms (120) was observed with the lemma “olla”: Lieneekö, Olihan, Olikos, Olinpa, Olipas, Olisinko, Olisitpa, Olisitte, Olkaamme, Ollaanhan, Ollaksesi, Ollos, Onkohan, Onpas, Ootte, liene, lienee, lienemme, lienevät, lienisi, o, ois, oisin, oisko, oj, ol, ole, oleen, olekaan, olekin, oleksä, olemaan, olemasta, olemme, olemmeko, olen, olenkin, olenko, olepa, olet, oletkin, oletko, oletpa, olette, oleva, olevan, olevani, olevansa, olevinaan, olevinasi, oli, olik, olikaan, olikin, oliko, oliks, olimme, olin, olinkin, olinko, olipa, olis, olisi, olisikaan, olisikin, olisiko, olisimme, olisin, olisit, olisivat, olisivatko, olisko, olit, olivat, olkaa, olkoon, olkoonkin, olkoonpa, olkoot, olla, ollaan, ollaanpas, ollakseen, ollapa, olleen, olleet, olleetkaan, ollen, ollessa, ollessaan, ollessani, ollu, olluh, ollut, ollutkaan, oltava, oltiin, oltti, oltu, oltuaan, ol´, olä, on, onhan, onk, onkaan, onkin, onko, onkoha, onks, onpa, oo, ook, oon, oot, ovat, ovathan, ovatkaan, ovatkin, ovatko.

The 2nd highest number of forms (19) was observed with the lemma “tulla”: Tuleeko, Tuliko, Tulisiko, tule, tulee, tuleen, tulemaan, tulemme, tuleva, tulevan, tuli, tulisi, tulla, tullee, tulleen, tullunna, tullut, tullutkaan, tuu.

The 3rd highest number of forms (16) was observed with the lemma “tehdä”: Tehkää, Teimme, teemme, tehdä, tehdään, tehnyt, tehtiin, tehtäisi, tehtäisiin, tekee, tekemässä, tekevät, teki, tekikin, tekisi, tekivät.

AUX occurs with 15 features: VerbForm (3787; 100% instances), Voice (3787; 100% instances), Mood (3412; 90% instances), Number (3323; 88% instances), Tense (3230; 85% instances), Person (3112; 82% instances), Case (353; 9% instances), Connegative (282; 7% instances), InfForm (185; 5% instances), Clitic (176; 5% instances), PartForm (168; 4% instances), Style (72; 2% instances), Polarity (22; 1% instances), Person[psor] (12; 0% instances), Number[psor] (5; 0% instances)

AUX occurs with 48 feature-value pairs: Case=Ela, Case=Ess, Case=Gen, Case=Ill, Case=Ine, Case=Ins, Case=Lat, Case=Nom, Case=Par, Case=Tra, Clitic=Han, Clitic=Han,Ko, Clitic=Ka, Clitic=Kaan, Clitic=Kin, Clitic=Ko, Clitic=Ko,S, Clitic=Pa, Clitic=Pa,S, Connegative=Yes, InfForm=1, InfForm=2, InfForm=3, Mood=Cnd, Mood=Imp, Mood=Ind, Mood=Opt, Mood=Pot, Number=Plur, Number=Sing, Number[psor]=Sing, PartForm=Past, PartForm=Pres, Person=1, Person=2, Person=3, Person[psor]=1, Person[psor]=2, Person[psor]=3, Polarity=Neg, Style=Coll, Tense=Past, Tense=Pres, VerbForm=Fin, VerbForm=Inf, VerbForm=Part, Voice=Act, Voice=Pass

AUX occurs with 126 feature combinations. The most frequent feature combination is Mood=Ind|Number=Sing|Person=3|Tense=Pres|VerbForm=Fin|Voice=Act (1656 tokens). Examples: on, tulee, saa, tekee, Alkaa, muodostuu


AUX nodes are attached to their parents using 1 different relations: cop (3787; 100% instances)

Parents of AUX nodes belong to 10 different parts of speech: ADJ (1875; 50% instances), NOUN (1462; 39% instances), VERB (170; 4% instances), PRON (166; 4% instances), PROPN (62; 2% instances), NUM (34; 1% instances), X (7; 0% instances), ADV (4; 0% instances), INTJ (4; 0% instances), PART (3; 0% instances)

3787 (100%) AUX nodes are leaves.

The highest child degree of a AUX node is 0.