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This page still pertains to UD version 1.


The syntactic annotation of the Slovenian UD Treebank has been obtained by automatic conversion from JOS dependency annotation scheme, based on a large set of rules including different lexical, morphological and syntactic features. The current version of the Slovenian UD Treebank includes 31 universal relations and one language-specific extension (cc:preconj). The universal dependency relations that are not currently being used are labels relating to voice (nsubjpass, csubjpass, auxpass) and some other loose joining relations that had not been annotated within the original JOS annotation scheme (list, dislocated, remnant, reparandum, vocative and goeswith).

The original JOS annotations have been preserved as part of the MISC column in the released data. Further revisions of this work, addition of new conversion rules and online guidelines for syntactic annotation remain work in progress.