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This page still pertains to UD version 1.


The Irish UD Treebank is a conversion of the Irish Dependency Treebank (IDT). IDT development was part of a PhD research project by Teresa Lynn at Dublin City University, Ireland (Lynn, 2016). The IDT data has been released on [GitHub] (https://github.com/tlynn747/IrishDependencyTreebank). The Treebank contains 1020 sentences taken from the New Corpus of Ireland-Irish (NCII), with text from books, newswire, websites and other media.

The conversion from the IDT annotation scheme to the UD annotation scheme was designed by Teresa Lynn and Jennifer Foster at Dublin City University, Ireland. The mapping to UD is reported in Lynn et al., (2016)


We wish to thank all of the contributors to the original IDT annotation, including Elaine Uí Dhonnchadha for her gold POS-tagged corpus and linguistic advice. We would also like to acknowledge linguistic advice offered by Kevin Scannell in the conversion to UD effort.