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This page still pertains to UD version 1.


Lexical features
Inflectional features
Nominal Verbal
Gender VerbForm
Animacy Mood
Number Tense
Case Aspect
Definite Voice
Degree Person

Animacy: animacy

The French treebank doesn’t contain information about Animacy.

edit Animacy

Aspect: aspect

French does not have the Aspect feature.

edit Aspect

Case: case

Case only appears for French in rare cases, where a phrase is borrowed from Latin or another case-marked language.

edit Case

Definite: definiteness or state

Determiners have the Definite feature, which takes either a definite or indefinite value.

edit Definite

Degree: degree of comparison

French does not have the Degree feature. It appears rarely on foreign words, such as English.

edit Degree

Gender: gender

The possible values for Gender in French is masculine or feminine. It occurs with nouns, adjectives, past participles, determiners and pronouns. Words from other languages can have a neutral gender.

edit Gender

Mood: mood

Mood has the four following possible values for French, on finite verb forms:

edit Mood

NumType: numeral type

NumType is not yet annotated for French.

edit NumType

Number: number

Number in French is either singular or plular. It occurs with nouns, adjectives, pronouns, determiners and verbs. It also occurs with some NUM which are abberviations for hours such as 00h30.

edit Number

Person: person

Person is marked for verbs and pronouns in French, as first (1), second (2), or third (3) person.

edit Person

Polarity: whether the word can be or is negated

Polarity is not used in the French data.

edit Polarity

Poss: possessive

Poss is not yet annotated for French.

edit Poss

PronType: pronominal type

French uses the following values for `PronType’: definite (Def), indefinite (Ind), negative (Neg), personal (Prs), relative (Rel) and interrogative (Int).

Not all relative and interrogative pronouns are marked so far.

edit PronType

Reflex: reflexive

Reflexive pronouns are marked as Reflex.

edit Reflex

Tense: tense

Tense should only occur on verbs in French, with one of the four following values: Past, Pres, Fut or Imp.

edit Tense

VerbForm: form of verb or deverbative

In French VerbForm is marked on verbs and can take one of the three following values:

edit VerbForm

Voice: voice

Voice is not yet coded for French.

edit Voice